Castor Oil Pack Plus Size


Using the pack on the right side of the abdomen or the whole abdomen may help naturally support the liver detox, lymphatic drainage, constipation, and inflammation, helping your body naturally detox and cleanse.

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castor oil pack wrap by verywell oil

What is castor oil and what symptoms is it used for?​​

Have you heard of castor oil?
It has so many incredible benefits.
People have been using it for ages as a natural remedy for all kinds of things, from detoxification and liver diseases to gynecological issues.

A woman wears a castor oil pack and relaxes in her bedroom

Have you ever heard of a castor oil pack?​

It’s a fantastic way to get the benefits of castor oil more effectively. Usually, when you apply castor oil to your skin, it evaporates quickly, which can limit the benefits. But by using a castor oil pack – a cloth soaked in castor oil and wrapped around the affected body part – the oil stays put and acts as a guide, helping to remove stress and toxins from your body. This process allows your body to rest and cleanse more effectively, giving you even better results than just applying the oil directly to your skin.​

Castor Oil Pack Wrap for Liver​


Inner layer: oil-proof fabric
Suitable for 28-60 inch waist
Oversized Pocket for Hot & Cold Pack


Liver detoxification
Lymphatic drainage and stress relief
Relieve menstrual pain and difficulties​
castor oil pack wrap for liver by verywelloil